Top Moments From Our Summer Travel Season

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Rays of summer sun illuminate the rugged coastlines of Fogo Island in Newfoundland. (Photo credit: Alex Fradkin)

A naturalist at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve leads guests through fields of blooming fynbos during a flower safari in South Africa’s Cape Floral Region. (Photo credit: Grootbos)

A guest at Pacuare Lodge rappels down a rushing waterfall in the Costa Rican rain forest. (Credit: Pacuare Lodge)

Kayaks sit ready to launch into the sparkling waters surrounding Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort in British Columbia. (Photo credit: Jeremy Koreski)

Rolling hills give way to the snow-dusted peaks of the Montana Rockies, a familiar scene for guests of The Ranch at Rock Creek. (Photo credit: Michael Chilcoat)

Petit St. Vincent’s 49-foot sloop, Beauty, sails the Caribbean on a perfect summer day. (Photo credit: Kim Greiner)

The sun paints the sky over Lizard Island with a palette of fiery hues. (Photo credit: Lizard Island)

Mild summers in the Gobi mean al fresco meals amidst spectacular scenery for guests of the Three Camel Lodge. (Photo credit: M. Anand)