Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa: About

Located in Chiloé Island, Chile

When the dark of the night falls on the Chiloé archipelago, the tall ship Caleuche emerges from a curtain of mist to patrol coastal waters. This infamous ghost ship is piloted by the souls of those lost at sea—spirits who make raucous revelry on deck into the wee hours. The Caleuche is just one of the ancient legends of the indigenous Mapuche people that linger on this island chain. The dancing water spirit Pincoya foretells the daily catch as fishermen head to sea, and deep in the evergreen forests, a seductive goblin called Thrauco trolls for love.

Perched on traditional palafito stilt architecture on Chiloé island, where the Pacific laps up against a bucolic coastline, Tierra Chiloé connects guests with the lore of this surreal archipelago on excursions by land, sea, and horseback. Spin your own island tale in a mystical world of lush cliffs and swirling seas, fern-draped woodlands and babbling streams, and you’re likely to become believer—in the local mythology, or simply in the magic of nature. Enchantment lingers inside the lodge, where the ocean is on grand display through floor-to-ceiling windows, colorful Chilote handicrafts abound, and a Mapuche fairytale—left propped against your pillow each night—might weave its way into your dreams.

Why We Love This Lodge

While Catholicism is the prevalent faith on these islands, the centuries-old myths and traditions of the ancient Mapuche live on in the modern-day seafaring and farming Chilote people, who embody a different side of Chilean history. Tierra Chiloé is doing its part to keep this indigenous culture thriving by sharing their stories and customs with guests. On lodge excursions, cultural exchange is prioritized, and even nature outings like hikes and horseback rides are thoughtfully complemented with meet-and-greets and storytelling sessions. Thanks to these meaningful interactions, visitors leave Tierra Chiloé with a deeper understanding of the local fishermen and farmers and their spiritual bond to the land and sea.


  • Hike amid dramatic sea cliffs to the Dock of Souls, a modern art installation that symbolizes the Mapuche myth of Tempilcahue—transporter of souls to the afterlife.
  • Join a Chilote guide for a horseback ride across wetlands that draw numerous migratory bird species, like Chilean flamingos and cormorants.
  • Embark the Williche, the lodge’s private boat, and sail among the Chiloé’s islets and fjords, spotting dolphins along the way.
  • Visit some of the more than 150 charming Jesuit churches that dot the archipelago, unique for their traditional wooden architecture.
  • Listen to festive local musicians while enjoying a traditional curanto—seafood stew cooked over hot coals in the ground.

National Geographic Exclusive

Each of our lodges has created a special complimentary experience offered exclusively to guests who visit through a National Geographic Expedition. At Tierra Chiloé, National Geographic guests take a property tour. See how the lodge has harnessed natural resources from the surrounding environment to provide home-grown food and efficient power for the property. Visit the on-site greenhouse and garden, enjoy views of coastal mussel farms and the Pullao wetlands—part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. Upon return to the hotel, visit the on-site art installations and hear about the Chilean artists that incorporated the myths and legends of the island into the hotel design. Cap off your tour with a special “flavors of Chiloé” aperitif and cheese and charcuterie board, specially prepared for National Geographic guests.

Lodge Features

  • 24 rooms and suites with picture windows and water views
  • Dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing panoramic sea views
  • Bar, lounge, and terrace with fireplaces
  • The Williche—a private wooden boat for exploring the archipelago
  • Private beach
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam room
  • Reading room, television lounge, and meeting facilities
  • Organic gardens that yield fresh produce used in lodge meals
  • Accommodations for children of all ages (see Child Policy)
  • Free Wi-fi throughout the property

Spotlight on Sustainability

Tierra Chiloé has gone to great lengths to create a hotel in step with its natural surroundings, a mission that began with a study of the property’s climatic factors. The local community was integral in the construction of the building, which was made from sustainable locally sourced wood and optimizes natural resources, including wind, sunlight, and rainwater.

In addition to supporting local residents through cultural exchange, the lodge uses handicrafts made by local artisans, including their private boat, the Williche, which was constructed by a Chilote boat-builder. Tierra Chiloé rents an historic home for preservation purposes, and when guests visit the archipelago’s Jesuit churches, the lodge makes donations to the local maintenance committee.

Awards and Recognitions

Conde Nast Traveler Gold List, 2017 & 2018
Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards, Top Resorts in South America, 2016 & 2017
Conde Nast Reader’s Choice Awards, Best Resorts in the World, 2016

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