Reserva do Ibitipoca : Traveler Moments

Located in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments, captured by Nat Geo staff member, Coral Keegan, on her recent trip to Reserva do Ibitipoca!

Diogo Jorge, the lead specialist on Ibitipoca's agroforestry project, sits beside a freshly picked watermelon, as he explains how it is grown symbiotically among other plants such as corn and cassava. By using agroforestry methods, farmers can constantly produce a crop. These crops are healthier and grow more quickly than their monocrop counterparts, and have no need for artificial fertilizers or additional irrigation.

Accessible only by a four-hour ride on horseback, the Fazenda do Areião, is a small, simple farmhouse that sits atop the mountains of the Reserva. The long ride is well worth the spectacular sunrise the next morning.

The mountains of Ibitipoca hold many secrets, including this immense srap-metal figurine calling out to the setting sun. Who is she? How did she get there? You'll have to visit Reserva do Ibitipoca to find out...

Modeled after the kitchen featured in Walt Disney's Ratatouille, it is no surprise that Ibitipoca's chef was trained by a world renowned French chef in Rio de Janeiro. Her gourmet creations use local Brazilian ingredients, most of which are grown on the Lodge property, and have a distinctive French influence.

Maria and Antonio, the Lodge's rescued blue-and-gold macaws, sit outside the kitchen window, greeting guests as they arrive.

In an effort to be eco-friendly, horseback riding and hiking are the encouraged modes of transportation at Ibitipoca. While motorbikes and four-by-fours are available, horseback is certainly the best way to see and experience the property.

During the rainy season, this tiny bridge helps connect the main Fazenda (farmhouse) to the horse stables and several popular hiking trails.

And old fashioned car decorates the grounds of Ibitipoca.

Alongside hiking trails, guests will find small white cups strung up on branches or on the side of trees. These indicate that the water flowing through the neighboring stream is fresh and clean to drink.

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