Mashpi Lodge: Meet the Staff

Located in Chocó Rain Forest, Ecuador
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Marc Bery: Operations Manager

I enjoy living among the clouds, trees, and wildlife. It's a magical paradise, and I have easily gotten accustomed to this kind of life. My first year at Mashpi has been full of learning and I am already looking forward to many, many more.


Marc Bery was born in Mexico City and has worked in tourism all his adult life. He recently moved to the cloud forest in Ecuador, looking to help protect nature for future generations.

Mashpi Lodge Is My Lodge

The best time to visit is... all year round! Nature changes day by day, so every day is unique. Rain, sunshine, fog, day or night, it is all special.

My lodge’s best quality is... There are many! Guests love the friendliness of our staff and our attention to detail. But it’s also the experience: a visit isn’t complete without seeing a hummingbird flying a few inches in front of your eyes, or swimming behind a jungle waterfall, or watching a butterfly being born.

The ultimate authentic souvenir is... a memory, not a thing. It might just be watching the sunset on the terrace with a glass of wine and listening to the sounds of the forest all around you.

My lodge focuses on the local community/environment by... providing jobs to people from the surrounding area, practicing sustainable tourism, and using the cloud forest to change the lives of our guests and our staff.

The cuisine at my lodge is a highlight because... it uses local spices and is made with a lot of care and passion. A refreshing Mashpi Mojito is its signature drink.

My favorite "lodge secret" is... enjoying a massage by the Laguna Waterfall very early in the morning.

The most beautiful/peaceful place at the lodge has to be... the top of the Observation Tower at sunset.

Get up close and personal with local wildlife when you head to... the Staff Trail. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a cock of the rock.

If you’re up for an adventure, try... walking in the morning to San Vicente's waterfall. It is a long and beautiful trail with a lot of surprises along the way. You might even spot a howler monkey.

To experience the lodge’s cultural side, you... can join us at our evening lectures. They are full of interesting scientific information and are truly entertaining.

If you have kids (or are a kid at heart), don’t miss... painting your own t-shirt with pigments from endemic plants.

The world should visit my lodge because... we need to spread the word about this incredible ecosystem as there is not much left of it. Every guest becomes a Mashpi ecosistem. There is not much left of it and every guest becomes a Mashpi Ambassador thanks to the information they learn from our passionate guides.

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