Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba: Photos

Located in Sacred Valley of the Inca, Peru

Traveler Moments

Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments, captured by Nat Geo staff member, Claire Tinsley, on her recent trip to Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba!

Set in the mountains, the view from Hacienda Urubamba has a very mystical feel to it. It helps one understand why local Quechua people revere the mountains as Gods.

During our stay we were lucky enough to experience a Shaman ceremony, where we got to give an offering to Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth. It was a humbling moment, and helped each of us understand the deep connection the Quechua folklore has with the mountains, or Apus.

The Maras salt mines are set within a valley, where any local family has the right to harvest salt from their given salt mine.

With the rainy season upon us, the salt mines of Maras were near overflowing with water. It was not expected that salt could be mined from those basins till the dry season.

The ancient Inkas were well known for being expert innovators and architechts. At the
archaeological site of Moray, we saw an Inca agricultural experiment station, where they studied how different crops grew.

In Chinchero, we visited a local Co-Op where women showed us how they clean, dye and prepare alpaca wool, before weaving it into beautiful garments and tapestries!

In the areas around Cuzco, people place bull figurines on their rooftops to bring them good fortune and luck.

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