Inkaterra La Casona: About the Destination

Located in Cusco, Peru

Inkaterra La Casona is located in the historic town of Cusco, Peru, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Once the imperial city of the Inca, Cusco’s pre-Columbian urban layout was preserved when the Spanish conquistadors began building colonial structures over its framework in the 16th century. The result is a fascinating city of layered architectural styles, archaeological ruins, and varied artistic and cultural influences, set within a winding labyrinth of cobblestoned lanes.

Cusco is also the gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Inca (today called the Urubamba Valley) and the legendary citadel of Machu Picchu, and offers several transportation connections to places in and around these popular destinations.

Places of Interest

Machu Picchu

The legendary Inca citadel is nestled in the mountains above the town of Machu Picchu Pueblo (also known as Aguas Calientes). The town can be reached by trains originating from the town of Poroy, just outside of Cusco.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

Located next to Inkaterra La Casona, this museum showcases the art of Peru’s ancient cultures, with pieces dating back as far as 1250 B.C.

Cusco Cathedral

Towering over the Plaza de Armas, this colonial church is the architectural focal point of Cusco. The building’s splendid interior features an ornate silver alter as well as hundreds of paintings and sculptures.

Santo Domingo Church

Cusco's Santo Domingo Church was constructed using the stone framework of the Koricancha temple—devoted to the Inca sun god—and these original ruins are still visible within the existing structure.

People and Culture

With a history rooted in the Inca empire, Cusco is still home to many Quechua speakers—the presumed descendants of the Inca civilization. Members of this indigenous group number in the millions and live throughout western South America. Their rich heritage lives on in their intricate and colorful textile traditions and other time-honored crafts that decorate the markets of the city.

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