Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción: Photos

Located in Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Traveler Moments

Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments, captured by Nat Geo staff member, Claire Tinsley, on her recent trip to Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción!

Watching the clouds build before a rain storm took over was a very exciting part of visiting the Peruvian Amazon during the rainy season.

One night we got to enjoy an evening boat ride and have a drink on the river while watching the sun set. Once the sun went down, we continued to look for nocturnal wildlife, which made it even more exciting!

While cruising the Amazon, we enjoyed views of the expansive river, and made sure to keep our eyes open for riverside wildlife!

A thrilling moment for our group was taking a canopy walk through the rainforest. We saw many different species of birds and it was amazing to be up high in such an ancient forest.

From the top of the canopy, we paused to listen for birds. Our guide helped us understand that we'd find more birds by listening, than by looking. He could identify many of the bird calls and would even return them in attempts for the birds to come closer.

At Lake Sandoval we saw many different types of wildlife, but my favorite might have been the turtles with butterflies resting on them. Evidently, the butterflies like to lick the saline tears of the turtles, and so rest on top of them.

Just before we entered into the expansive Lake Sandoval, I was moved by the serenity and beauty of the rainforest's smaller eddies and tributaries.

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