Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel: The Experience

Located in Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Venture into the highlands of Santa Cruz to experience up-close encounters with Galápagos giant tortoises.

Board the lodge’s private yacht and explore nearby Galápagos isles, such as North Seymour, Bartolomé, South Plaza, and Santa Fe.

Take a mountain bike for a spin through the Santa Cruz highlands.

Paddle around Santa Cruz for a water-level view of dramatic coastal landscapes and wildlife.

Visit El Manzanillo ranch, situated on the edge of Santa Cruz’s giant tortoise reserve, and observe these prehistoric-looking creatures as they forage through grassy fields.

Finch Bay is the only lodge on Santa Cruz with direct beach access.

A brackish lagoon on Santa Cruz’s southeastern coast is home to rich birdlife, including flamingos.

A red-footed booby finds a photographer’s lens.

An ideal destination for snorkelers, the Galápagos showcases a kaleidoscope of magnificent sea creatures, from colorful fish and sea turtles.

Swim in the dramatic, water-filled crevices known as Las Grietas.

Explore the archipelago’s volcanic landscapes on a naturalist-led walk.

Take a guided coastal walk, and watch for marine life from a cliff-top perch.

Each room at Finch Bay has its own cozy hammock, perfect for relaxing days spent close to the lodge.

Learn how to make authentic ceviche during a cooking class with the lodge chef.

The Finch Bay cooking staff utilize locally grown produce whenever possible.

Each Finch Bay accommodation has a balcony facing the central garden area.

The lodge yacht is staffed with talented naturalists and equipped with air-conditioned interiors and ample viewing decks.

Sail the lodge yacht for snorkeling and hiking opportunities beyond Santa Cruz Island.

In between meals, whet your appetite with a handcrafted cocktail or a snack served at the poolside bar.

Cocktail hour at Finch Bay comes complete with bird-watching opportunities.

Enjoy an al fresco snack just beyond the lodge dining room.

Take a rejuvenating dip in the lodge pool.

The lodge brings Galápagos wildlife inside through its interior décor.

Take a challenging ride through the Santa Cruz highlands, where a variety of birds can be spotted.

Crawling giant tortoises make for an easy photography subject.

“Finch Bay: Your Way” is a fitting motto of Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, as the lodge facilitates many different ways to experience the Galápagos. Explore these magical islands by land or by sea, or a little of both, drawing on the expertise of lodge staff, all of whom are native to Ecuador. Days here can be as busy or as relaxing as you desire, with opportunities to snorkel, kayak, bike, dive, and venture to neighboring islands aboard the lodge’s yacht. And when you’re not seeking out sea lions and giant tortoises, the lodge offers a welcoming waterfront oasis.

Things To Do

Activity inclusions vary by rate type and package. Please inquire with the lodge when requesting your reservation.

  • Nature Walks
  • Hiking and Mountain Biking
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Stargazing
  • Yachting Excursions
  • Giant Tortoise Reserve Visits
  • Charles Darwin Research Station Visits

Food and Drink

The wildlife isn’t all that’s extraordinary here; the lodge’s restaurant features some of the best food in the Galápagos, served in a tranquil, airy space cooled by the ocean breeze. Enjoy artfully prepared dishes, like chargrilled octopus and Ecuadorian jumbo prawns drizzled in Chardonnay sauce. These are just a couple of the culinary creations by Cordon Blue-qualified Gastronomy Director Byron Rivera and Executive Chef Fabricio Hidalgo, who craft an ever-changing menu of international and Ecuadorian-inspired dishes. In between meals, whet your appetite with a handcrafted cocktail or a snack served at the poolside bar.

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