Winterlake Lodge: Photos

Located in South-Central Alaskan Wilderness, United States

Traveler Moments

Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments, captured by Nat Geo staff member, Aundrea Kudrna, on her recent trip to Winterlake Lodge!

Winterlake Lodge is a 45-minute floatplane ride from Anchorage. A team awaits your arrival on the dock, ready to plan your first adventure.

The view from the lodge overlooks Finger Lake, framed by snowcapped peaks in the distance.

Winterlake Lodge is the third stop on the Iditarod Trail. During my hike along the historic trail, I imagined what it must be like to see teams of huskies whisking by—all the more reason to come back in the winter!

Kayakers on Finger Lake set out in search of moose and other wildlife.

On our way back from glacier range, our pilot, Martin, landed near a glacier mill. I debated taking a swim, but settled for filling my water bottle with the cleanest water I've ever tasted.

From the guest cabins, you can directly access the trailhead for Red Lake Trail. A mile and half by foot brings you to Red Lake, named after the sockeye that used to swim here. Beaver dams are deterring salmon from spawning in the lake, but Winterlake Lodge is working to restore the fish habitat.

You can hike for five hours to the top of Wolverine, or opt to travel by helicopter. Either way, you'll sign your name in Winterlake's book as proof that you've made the journey!

After paddle boarding on Finger Lake, the best way to relax is by lying in the hammock, where you can hear sounds of jazz coming from the kitchen as the chef prepares lunch.

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