Tutka Bay Lodge: Photos

Located in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, United States

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Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments, captured by Nat Geo staff member, Aundrea Kudrna, on her recent trip to Tutka Bay Lodge!

Each morning before breakfast, I began my day with an hour-long vinyasa yoga class. Carly, our instructor and the lodge manger, made sure to tailor the class for all skill levels. It's the perfect start to a day filled with long hikes and kayaking.

From the lodge, a 15-minute boat ride takes you to the Tutka Lake Trail. The five-mile hike takes three and a half hours, with plenty of time to stop and marvel at the beautiful Alaskan colors.

Weekends at Tutka Bay can be spent in the lodge's very own cooking school learning how to make king crab beignets.

Each of Tutka Bay's six cabins are nestled amongst the trees and surrounded by mountain peaks.

Every morning starts with a hearty breakfast to fuel your day’s activities. Chef Jake whips up fruit smoothies, homemade banana bread, and oatmeal to make sure you're energized for early excursions like bear viewing.

Tutka Bay Lodge is located on Kachemak Bay, just over an hour by floatplane from its sister property, Winterlake Lodge.

On evenings when the bay is calm, you can go whale watching after dinner. Make sure you camera is fully charged—Tutka's guides are happy to stay out and observe as long as you like.

Each afternoon there is an opportunity to join a cooking class, where the chef selects a recipe based on what you're craving. We made savory cheesecake with pickled onion and thyme from the garden.

After dinner, before heading to the sauna, pop into this secluded cabin for a massage.

My kayaking excursion at Tutka was along Kachemak Bay, where I spotted otters, seals, and bald eagles soaring above.

Every dinner at Tutka is special, but this one was my favorite—halibut with avocado and grapefruit. Delicious!

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