Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort: About the Destination

Located in British Columbia, Canada

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort is located in a rugged and remote part of British Columbia, Canada, amid the vast wilderness that stretches between the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific coast. The property is 3,500 feet above sea level, where the rolling hills and open wildflower meadows of the Bonaparte Plateau give way to the peaks of the bordering Cariboo Mountains. In 2017, the landscapes surrounding the lodge were affected by a severe forest fire, which dramatically transformed the environment into a fascinating post-wildfire ecosystem.

Wildlife and Natural History

The ranch has access to 10,000 acres of wilderness. Wooded landscapes of aspen poplar, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine are interspersed with natural meadows and backcountry lakes. A dramatic river canyon cuts through the terrain, and a high mountain bluff offers expansive views over the plateau. This remote countryside provides a prime habitat for wildlife, with deer, moose, coyotes, beavers, cougars, black bears, and numerous others making their homes amid the blackened snag forests and lush grasslands. Sandhill cranes, eagles, hummingbirds, and other avian species take to the surrounding skies, and rainbow trout populate the lakes.

People and Culture

For at least five thousand years, the lands surrounding Siwash have been traditional grounds for the Secwepemc First Nations tribe. These nomadic people have historically traveled through the Cariboo in the summertime to hunt, fish, and forage for berries. In 1862, prospector Billy Barker found gold at Williams Creek, about 120 miles north of the ranch. This discovery—and others like it—lured many hopefuls: between 1862 and 1870, thousands traveled to the region along the Cariboo Wagon Road, and mining towns sprung up in their wake. The adventurous spirit of these early gold rush settlers lives on in the area’s modern-day cowboy culture.

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