Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort: The Experience

Located in British Columbia, Canada

Wild Pacific salmon fishing, black-bear watching, orca spotting, heli-hiking, and open-ocean boating are just a few in an incredible array of wilderness adventures available to guests at Nimmo Bay. Expert guides, survivalists, artists, and naturalists provide guests with a fascinating education on the wildlife, the old-growth forests, plants, and culture of the region. They are deeply committed to preserving both the natural and cultural heritage of Great Bear Rainforest, and since most of them are native to the area, they have decades of memories and experiences to share. Guests can choose from two all-inclusive packages that can be customized to fit a variety of interests.

See our sample itinerary describing how you would experience this lodge during a 4-day stay.

Things to Do

Water Sports

Hit the water in a variety of ways, navigating by kayak or paddleboard, snorkeling, tubing, wake boarding, windsurfing, or swimming. (Included in both packages)

Outdoor Exploration

Set out on some of the many trails that surround the lodge for a vigorous hike or a rewarding nature walk, depending on your ability and your druthers. Go beach combing, or embark on a boat trip to discover nearby islands and inlets and look for wildlife. (Included in both packages)

Wildlife Viewing

Focus on wildlife any way you explore. Observe black bears and grizzly bears; spot orcas, white-sided dolphins, and humpback whales on a wildlife cruise; kayak among sea lions; and keep an eye out for eagles and wolves. (Included in both packages)


Swoop high into the mountains in your private, piloted helicopter to hike among glaciers, rocky peaks, and alpine lakes. (Included in the Heli-Ventures and Heli-Fishing package)

Glacier Trekking

Travel by private helicopter to the glaciers that top the surrounding peaks and enjoy time to trek or have a picnic at the edge of the ice. (Included in the Heli-Ventures and Heli-Fishing package)


Fishing enthusiasts cast their lines into some of the most pristine water bodies on the planet, traveling by piloted helicopter to reach remote streams and rivers filled with Wild Pacific salmon, and plenty of other species. Please note: Nimmo Bay has a catch-and-release fishing policy. (Included in the Heli-Ventures and Heli-Fishing package)

Other Interests

Photography, yoga, cultural experiences, survival experiences (Included in both packages)

Optional Activities and Experiences

The following experiences are offered at an additional cost.

Saltwater Fishing

For those who wish to experience serious saltwater fishing, an expert guide can be brought in.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours with Sea Wolf Adventures availble for interested guests.

Food and Drink

Fresh and local define every meal at Nimmo Bay. Guests enjoy hearty breakfasts, gourmet picnics wherever the day takes you, and sumptuous dinners paired with local British Columbia wine.

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