Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort: Meet the Staff

Located in British Columbia, Canada

Brianna Sloan: Guest Experience Coordinator

I have been working at Nimmo Bay for nearly 10 years now. I started as an 18 year old in the kitchens and have since worked all throughout the resort in most of the staff positions. I started at Nimmo with the intention of working for 1 season to put some money aside for travel. But this place is addictive!  After all this time I still find new spaces to explore, new personal work challenges to take on, and I keep meeting amazing people, both crew members and guests. Nimmo Bay inspires the staff and guests year after year.

Brianna Sloan grew up on Vancouver Island exploring the coastal wilderness of British Columbia with her family. At Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, she coordinates amazing wilderness experiences for guests from around the world. Her favorite part of her work is personalizing each guest's stay and helping to create memories that last a lifetime.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort Is My Lodge

The best time to visit my lodge is... May to October because the weather is great and the wildlife is plentiful. Each month has a different highlight: May is good for grizzly bear viewing, June and July are good months for humpback whale viewing, August is when the orcas are most playful, and September and October are ideal for freshwater fishing. For every desire, there is an ideal time.

My lodge’s best quality is... the stunning location. A visit isn’t complete without seeing the waterfall-side hot tubs, the rugged mountains behind the resort, the surrounding marine wilderness and the many animal species who thrive in it. The Great Bear Sea and Broughton Archipelago are home to amazing biodiversity.

The ultimate authentic souvenirs...are your memories and photographs.

My lodge really focuses on the local community by... partnering with local experts. Drawing from our community is the best way to provide an authentic experience.

The dish that my lodge makes the best is... house-smoked sockeye salmon, and a dark and stormy is its signature drink.

My favorite local custom is... playing music around the campfire. We have a big music night every week and anyone can use a guitar or one of the other instruments we have and play a tune or two. Many of the crew members are musical and love to perform for guests.

My favorite “lodge secret” is... the early morning kayak excursion.  Before 8 am is the calmest time of the day around Nimmo and kayaking on the mirror-like water is very peaceful. Morning is also a good time to spot a bear munching along the shoreline. 

The most beautiful/peaceful place at the lodge has to be... the Cedar Room where massage treatments take place.  

If you want to get up close and personal with local wildlife... head to the boat! If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a pod of orcas. Often there are big pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, adorable sea otters, and seals too!

If you’re up for an adventure/physical challenge... try climbing Mt. Stephens. Located behind the resort, this 5000 ft mountain is not for the beginner hiker, but if you are up to challenge it provides unparalleled views of the Great Bear Rainforest, Coastal Mountain range and the Broughton Archipelago.

To experience the lodge’s cultural side... book a day trip with a local First Nations community leader or meet the local legends at the nearby community of Echo Bay while touring on the boats.

If you have kids (or are a kid at heart), don’t miss... tubing behind the boats.

Watch out for... losing track of time and be sure to bring your camera when you come for a visit.

The world should visit my lodge because... Nimmo perfectly combines luxury and wilderness. It's a personalized, boutique resort experience in one of the most biodiverse and beautiful places in the world. Once in a lifetime may not be enough.

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