The Seven Seasons of Fogo Island

Fogo Island might be the only place in the world that experiences seven seasons. No matter what time of year you visit—whether the harbors are crammed with pack ice or the bogs carpeted in berries—Fogo Island Inn invites you to embrace the spirit of the season and celebrate the striking landscapes and centuries-old culture of this enchanting isle.

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April 1 to May 31

Instead of blooming flowers and budding trees, springtime guests of Fogo Island Inn see massive icebergs drifting by their windows and feel the power of the season’s epic gales that send waves crashing against rocky shorelines. Amble along thawing footpaths to witness winter giving way to the warmth, or get out on the water for a closer look at behemoth blocks of ice on a cruise through Iceberg Alley.


Trap Berth

June 1 to June 30

Fogo’s trap berths were historically dropped on June 1 amidst festive hope for a bountiful cod season. Embrace the season’s maritime mood and meet with a local fisherman to hear about the Fogo fishing industry, row a traditional punt boat through coastal waters, or learn the basics of boat building from an island craftsman. Landlubbers can explore Fogo’s colorful scenery during this peak period for wildflower blooms.



July 1 to August 31

A day at the beach is different in Newfoundland. Skip summertime sunbathing and head to one of Fogo’s sandy beaches, where you can spot nesting puffins and see whales breaching just offshore. Inland, hidden ponds await waders and trout fishermen, and the nearby Change Islands—their lush lawns dotted with colorful saltbox houses—are poised for postcard-worthy photographs.



September 1 to October 31

Fogo’s September and October revolve around the fruit harvest—a time when the island’s landscapes are speckled with the bright hues of edible wild berries. Walk ancient footpaths with your picking pail, foraging for blueberries, raspberries, and partridgeberries. Join an islander for a lesson in jam jarring, and deliver your remaining berry bounty to the chefs, who will use them in the preparation of your evening meal.


Late Fall

November 1 to 30

Few places feel cozier on a crisp fall day than Fogo Island Inn. Wrap yourself in a colorful handmade quilt and snuggle up next to one of the lodge’s six wood-burning fireplaces with a warm beverage in hand. Outside, festive beach bonfires blaze, caribou have begun to graze, and the inn’s rooftop hot tubs bubble—invitations to embrace the escalating chill of the season and its long, starry nights.

Fogo Island Inn


December 1 to February 28

When the snow falls on Fogo, it’s time to strap on snow shoes to track caribou across rolling hills or lace up a pair of skates for a game of pick-up ice hockey. Those hoping to hibernate can retreat to the lodge library or cinema, enjoy live music at the bar, or indulge in gourmet Newfoundland fare while taking in four-story views of the wild North Atlantic from the inn’s glass-walled dining room.


Pack Ice

March 1 to 31

March on Fogo Island sees splintered pack ice flowing into harbors and coves in great tides of jagged, sparkling shards—a delight for nature lovers and landscape photographers. Watch seals scurry across the floes or opt to observe the ice from the cozy confines of the inn, where music, storytelling, and artisan workshops give a festive glow to the final days of deep frost.