Fogo Island Inn: Plan Your Stay

Located in Newfoundland, Canada

How to Get There

The town of Gander in eastern Newfoundland serves as the primary gateway to Fogo Island. Gander International Airport receives direct, year-round flights from Toronto, Halifax, and St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador. From Gander, guests can travel to the island by air or a combination car and ferry transfer.

By Air

Those who wish to arrive on the island by air can connect with a helicopter or charter plane at the airport in Gander. Flights to Fogo are also available from St. John’s International airport in Newfoundland. The island is equipped with a 3,000-foot paved airstrip to handle small aircraft as well as a helipad adjacent to the Inn.

By Car and Ferry

Car rental service is available at Gander International. Guests traveling by car can make the one and a half hour drive to the town of Farewell on the eastern coast of Newfoundland to catch the ferry to Fogo Island. The ferry ride takes about 45 minutes, and the lodge is another 20 minutes from the Fogo port in Stag Harbor.

For an extra cost, Fogo Island Inn can arrange the combination ground and ferry transfer between the lodge and Gander International Airport or your hotel in Gander.

Travelers arriving by air or who have arranged transfers via the lodge are invited to use Fogo Island Inn’s vehicles to explore the island, free of charge.

What to Expect

Fogo Island Inn is fully accessible to people with mobility challenges. Public spaces, entrances, and several suites are wheelchair accessible. The inn exceeds national regulatory standards for accessibility.

Weather and Seasons

Monthly Average Temperatures in Fahrenheit

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
39.5 21.4 19.6 25.8 33.5 41.8 49.8 60.5 53.9 44.7 35.9 28.8

Fogo Island’s climate features seven seasons: winter, ice, spring, trap berth, summer, berry, and late fall. Read more about each season here.

What to Bring

Those visiting in the warm summer months should bring suitable clothes for exploring on land and on the water, including layers for chilly evenings or windy days. During the rest of the year, add sweaters or fleeces, a warm hat, and thick wool socks to your list. Be sure to bring your hiking boots for all seven seasons to explore the many paths and trails of Fogo Island. Other outdoor gear, including storm weather gear and rubber boots, is supplied by the lodge.

Traveling with Family

Children of all ages are welcome at Fogo Island Inn. Guests age 12 and under may share a room with two adults at no additional charge in Fogo Island Family Suites.

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