Fogo Island Inn: About the Destination

Located in Newfoundland, Canada

One of Fogo Island Inn's four artist studios: Bridge Studio

A short but rewarding climb to Brimstone Head promises spectacular views of sea, sky, and the historic town of Fogo.

Fogo Island is located off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, in an area called "Iceberg Alley" at the very eastern edge of the North American continent. The island is nearly four times the size of Manhattan, but has just 2,700 residents in 11 distinct communities. The lodge is remote yet accessible, set on Fogo Island’s northern shore near the fishing village of Joe Batt’s Arm. Colored by local art and surrounded by stunning coastline, the island is both a rich cultural hub and a breathtaking escape to nature at the edge of the Earth.

Places of Interest

Tilting, National Historic District

On the northeast coast of Fogo Island, Newfoundland journey back in time to discover the community of Tilting. The town was built in the 19th century, declared a National Historic Site in 2003, and is still inhabited today. It harkens back to an earlier way of living in its architecture, layout, and the traditions kept alive by its residents.

Brimstone Head, Town of Fogo

Rising up at the shores of the town of Fogo, the craggy mound of Brimstone Head was declared one of the “four corners of the Earth,” by the Flat Earth Society of Canada. The original Marconi telegraph site, built in 1911, is right nearby.

F.U. (Fisherman’s Union) Trading Company, Seldom

Take a tour of the Fisherman's Union Trading Company, formed in 1909 to provide a co-operative for fishermen on Fogo Island.

Artist Studios

Prior to the construction of the inn, architect Todd Saunders was commissioned to design four distinct artist studios for visiting artists from the Fogo Island Arts residency program. Situated in various locations across the island, each studio—Squish, Tower, Bridge, and Long—is an avant-garde tribute to the traditional buildings of the region.

Wildlife and Natural History

At a 49-degree latitude, Fogo Island has a sub-arctic terrain, and its climate breeds bogs, barrens, and boreal forests. Bounded by the craggy shores of the North Atlantic, it is not uncommon to spot caribou, whales, icebergs, and colonies of seabirds. The 420 million-year-old geologic history is evidenced everywhere here—in stunning contortions of rock formed by ice, fire, and sea. Daily geology tours are available through the inn.

People and Culture

Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s easternmost province, and its culture is an amalgamation of English, Irish, and French influences. In addition to other languages, a wide range of English dialects are spoken here. And visitors are likely to get a good sampling of them, as locals are known for being warm, welcoming, and eager to share stories. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador has more artists per capita than anywhere else in Canada, and its rich art scene helps shape its communities.

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