Churchill Wild: The Experience

Located in Manitoba, Canada

Churchill Wild has taken the concept of an African safari and translated it to a terrain that’s equally as vast and wild as the Serengeti, but ruled by ice and bears. This is an ecosystem like no other, where every species down to the lichen has a tale of adaptation and survival. The exceptional guides at the lodges bring it all vividly to life, reading the body language of polar bears; explaining the forces behind the aurora borealis; taking guests on exhilarating, safe wilderness adventures of all kinds. At the end of the day, the lodge is a warm and welcoming retreat where delicious meals and stories around the fire await.

Things to Do

Activity inclusions vary by rate type and package. Please inquire with the lodge when requesting your reservation.

Walking and Hiking

On daily excursions with your guides—from a quick jaunt to see wildlife in the vicinity to a day-long trek with a picnic lunch—you will peer at Arctic wildflowers, find fox dens, follow migrating caribou, and, yes, walk with polar bears (at a safe distance, of course).

All-terrain Vehicle Excursions

Climb into a custom-made Tundra Tracker (Seal River) or an open-air “rhino” (Nanuk) and head out on a day trip along the Hudson Bay, looking for migratory birds, polar bears, and plenty of other wildlife, and at Nanuk, shipwrecks on the shore.

Photography Excursions

Head out with a lodge guide who is also a seasoned photographer, and learn tips about composition, lighting, and more as you photograph wildlife on Photo Safaris at each lodge.

Aurora Borealis Gazing

Step outside with your camera and tripod and watch the mesmerizing northern lights send waves of colors across the sky.

Bird Watching

Spotting interesting bird species is part of the experience here, even for non-birders: there are so many species that you can’t help but appreciate the diversity. With lodge guides, identify some of the 150 species of birds that visit this area.

Expert Talks

Gather in the evenings for talks by the lodge guides and photo leaders on all kinds of subjects, from arctic wildlife to the indigenous culture of the region.

Boat Trips

Set out on the Seal River estuary in nine-person Zodiacs, and look for seals, seabirds, polar bears, and thousands of beluga whales. Listen to whale songs with a hydrophone and observe these curious and social creatures at close range.

Tundra Glamping

On Seal River's Arctic Safari, fly out to a remote tundra camp to explore the “Barren Lands” of the Canadian Arctic and sleep beneath the northern lights.


In October and November, dog-sledding out of Churchill can be arranged.

Aerial Tours

Enjoy a helicopter tour of Churchill and the surrounding Hudson Bay Coastline. Available July – November.

Food and Drink

Considering they’re located miles from civilization, the lodges of Churchill Wild defy all odds when it comes to the culinary experience. Talented chefs man each kitchen, whipping up original dishes that draw from the traditions and ingredients of the Canadian north, and producing warm baked goods and cookies on a regular basis. You will enjoy fresh Manitoba fish and sample the berries that grow just outside in excellent sauces and homemade jams. Evenings begin with a happy hour around the fire featuring Canadian wines and craft beers, and meals are served family-style.

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