Fall Dual Lodge Safari: October 22-November 1

Experience the best of Churchill Wild by staying at both lodges, encountering the photo opportunities of a lifetime on an 11-day adventure spanning two vastly different landscapes. See polar bears on the tundra and along the coast of the Hudson Bay; enjoy fall colors or maybe a snowy scene as you encounter Arctic wildlife at eye level, discover the legendary northern lights, and take in aerial views of pristine wilderness as you fly to the two lodges.

Day 1: Winnipeg

Arrive in Winnipeg by early evening and check in to The Grand, conveniently located at Winnipeg's International Airport. This evening, meet other lodge guests and a Churchill Wild adventure specialist for dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: Seal River Heritage

Take an early flight to Churchill, where staff will meet you and facilitate your transfer to the lodge. Fly by fixed-wing aircraft to the lodge, soaring over the Churchill River and then northwest up the rugged Hudson Bay coast to Seal Bay Heritage Lodge. Be prepared to see huge pods of whales, countless birds, as well as caribou and of course, the magnificent “ice bears.” The Seal River Estuary is a summer favorite for these goliaths and they are regularly seen swimming or basking near the water’s edge. Upon arrival, join your hosts for a tour of the property and get settled into your room. A thorough orientation on traveling in polar bear country will be provided prior to any outings. After a delicious lunch, head out to explore the coast on foot and get a first close-up glimpse of Arctic wildlife.

Days 3-4: Tundra Exploration

Fuel up with a hearty breakfast, then set out on the day’s excursion, which could be a walking safari among polar bears on the tundra, a marine tour and a chance to swim with belugas, or a ride far up the coast in a custom-made tundra buggy. Return to the lodge in the late afternoon and enjoy time to relax before appetizers and dinner. Then gather around the fireplace to share stories and listen to informative talks and slide presentations by your guides. The entire property is patrolled all night by a night watchman, so be prepared to have your sleep cut short if there’s a nocturnal visit by a polar bear or a particularly dazzling display of northern lights.

Days 5-9: Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

A scenic flight takes you over York Factory, the hub of the historic fur trade, to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Settle in and enjoy three days of exploring the forests and tidal plains of the area—and their famous wildlife. Hot breakfasts will generally be served at 8 am and your outings will begin at about 9:30 a.m. Explore the tidal flats, river deltas, beach ridges, and Hudson Bay shoreline in the lodge’s specially designed “rhino,” a low-impact all-terrain vehicle. Lunch will either be served at the Lodge or enjoyed as a picnic outdoors. Following afternoon adventures, appetizers and cocktails are served at 6 p.m., followed by dinner. Evening activities include an informative lecture, slide show presentation, or time to trade stories around the fire. Churchill Wild staff will watch for aurora borealis after dark and provide a gentle wake up call to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to witness and photograph this spectacular Arctic phenomenon.

Days 10-11: Winnipeg

After a hearty breakfast, prepare for the flight back to Churchill—another opportunity to take aerial shots of the Arctic. Your bags will be stored for you, leaving you free to explore this frontier town. Sites of note are Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill, the Itsantiq Museum, the Polar Bear Holding Compound (otherwise known as the Polar Bear Jail), as well as the Parks Canada exhibit. Enjoy an early dinner on your own before the flight to Winnipeg. Upon arrival in Winnipeg, make your way back to The Grand. Depart for home after breakfast the following day.