Churchill Wild: Packages

Located in Manitoba, Canada

Churchill Wild offers a variety of seasonal adventure packages. Each of these adventures is designed as a small-group trip that begins and ends in Winnipeg. All packages include all accommodations, hearty meals, a visit to Churchill, evening talks by the lodge guides, and a chance to see the northern lights.

Seal River Heritage Lodge offers three packages: Birds, Bears, and Belugas; Arctic Safari; and Polar Bear Photo Safari. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge’s packages include: Arctic Discovery, Hudson Bay Odyssey, and Polar Bear Photo Safari. Two packages combine stays at both lodges: Summer Dual Lodge and Fall Dual Lodge. See package descriptions below.

Available Packages

BBB header image_Photo by Didrik Johnck

Birds, Bears, and Belugas

Seal River Heritage Lodge - July and August

During an eight-day expedition, go on walks, hikes, and rides in a custom-made all-terrain vehicle, and spot polar bears roaming amid the arctic flora and swimming in the bay at a time of year when they are likely to be traveling close together. Learn to identify different migratory bird species that fill the sky, and head to the Seal River estuary to watch, hear, and even swim with the gentle beluga whales that come here in great numbers to calve.

Courtesy of Churchill Wild, photo by Jerry Grajewski

Arctic Discovery

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge - August

Encounter belugas—and the vestiges of the Hudson Bay Company—during two days in Churchill. Then fly along the bay’s southern coast to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and spend four days with expert naturalists tracking polar bears and their cubs, as well as other Arctic creatures, on foot or in open vehicles.

Bear with birds - Courtesy of Churchill Wild, photo by Charles Glatzer

Hudson Bay Odyssey

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge - Late August through September

Set out from the lodge with naturalists in search of polar bears and other wildlife—including the massive flocks of Arctic nesting birds that fill the skies during the late summer migration. Explore on foot and in open all-terrain vehicles, and then travel to Churchill and spend a day discovering this one-time fur-trading outpost.

ARCTIC SAFARI header image_photo by Jad Davenport

Arctic Safari

Seal River Heritage Lodge - September

This nine-day wildlife adventure covers nearly 8,000 square miles (20,000 sq km) of the Canadian Arctic, from the "Barren Lands" to the Hudson Bay. Go on short photo walks and day-long hiking excursions, and fly by chartered aircraft to a remote tundra camp on Schmok Lake. Take in aerial and eye-level views of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, black bears, and grizzlies; as well as foxes, wolves, caribou, arctic seals, countless bird species, and much more.

bear sunset - Courtesy of Churchill Wild, photo by Howard Sheridan

Polar Bear Photo Safari

Available at both lodges - October and November

As temperatures descend in the fall, polar bears gather to the shores of the Hudson Bay and linger until it freezes. The landscape transforms with snow and ice, setting off wildlife and creating an extraordinary opportunity for wildlife and landscape photography. This seven-day photo safari makes the most of the magic. On excursions with photographers by foot and aircraft, frame the Arctic wilds from every angle. Then point your camera to the night sky (with a tripod) to capture the mesmerizing northern lights.

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