Borgo Pignano: About the Destination

Located in Tuscany, Italy

Silvery olive groves and sunflower-strewn fields, medieval villages and ancient Etruscan hamlets, rambling farmhouses and cypress-lined lanes: whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, Tuscany will take your breath away. Nestled deep in the countryside, Borgo Pignano provides an ideal base from which to experience the region’s world-renowned treasures in art, architecture, and gastronomy. Celebrated hill towns and Renaissance cities are within easy reach—including Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, and Florence; and the rugged Tuscan coast—one of Italy’s lesser-known gems—is an hour away.

Wildlife and Natural History

Borgo Pignano sits at the crossroads of two nature reserves: Berignone and Castelvecchio, whose verdant trails, streams, and rivers can be easily accessed from the lodge. The vegetation in this part of Tuscany is varied and includes oak, spruce, and beech trees; Mediterranean scrubs; and wildflowers such as buttercups, orchids, and roses. Rocky outcrops provide nesting spots for peregrine falcons, while the forests and valleys are home to hares, foxes, boars, and deer. In addition, the lodge’s virgin woodlands and fields harbor numerous bird species, including partridges, pheasants, geese, cranes, and ospreys.

People and Culture

Tuscany—Toscana in Italian—is named for its ancient inhabitants, the Etruscans, a once-flourishing civilization whose advances in language and architecture influenced the conquering Romans. With the rise of the powerful Medici family in the medieval era, culture and art blossomed throughout the region, particularly in Florence. Through their artistic patronage, the Medici sowed the seeds for the Italian Renaissance—a period of extraordinary invention and artistic achievement, during which Florence was the epicenter. Today, Tuscans will proudly remind visitors of the incomparable treasures their homeland has given birth to, from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to focaccia, pappardelle, and Chianti.

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