Tiamo Resort: About the Destination

Located in South Andros Island, Bahamas

Of the nearly 700 Bahamian islands, Andros is the largest, and the vast majority of its 2,300 square miles is covered in thick tropical vegetation. Inland primal forests and mangroves blanket the island's uninhabited western side, home to West Side National Park—one of the largest protected areas in the Caribbean. On the eastern shores, you'll find the Bahamas' characteristic sugar-white sands fringed by lush palm groves and clear turquoise waters. Here, harbored in a cove and surrounded by a 125-acre nature reserve, secluded Tiamo offers prime access to the world's third largest coral reef and the island's captivating blue holes.

Wildlife and Natural History

Andros is a fragmented island—technically an archipelago—with three major landmasses dissected by saltwater channels known as bights. Tiamo is located on South Andros, along the shores of the island 's southernmost bight, which shelters the subterranean gateway for "The Crack." This 93-mile-long fracture carves a path inland, connecting the world 's longest string of blue holes—aqueous entrances to an expansive underground cave system.

The Andros bights are a major habitat for bonefish, and are also teeming with green sea turtles, starfish, dolphins, and much more. A few hundred feet offshore, the world 's third largest coral reef harbors an astounding array of marine life, from colorful angelfish and parrotfish to stingrays and nurse sharks. Just beyond these colorful coral gardens, the sea floor drops steeply into a trench known as the “Tongue of the Ocean,” which plunges to depths of more than 6,000 feet and is home to marine mammals, including whales, dolphins, and other large fish species.

Inland, verdant palm shrublands and lush mangrove marshes are punctuated by the colorful blooms of 25 orchid species. These dense tropical forests are home to wild boar and the endangered Andros rock iguana, as well as more than 300 species of birds, including the Bahama wood star and the endangered West Indian flamingo.

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