Pacuare Lodge: The Experience

Located in Limón Province, Costa Rica

In the middle of a tropical wilderness that is a raft ride away from any major towns, Pacuare Lodge is about as remote as it gets. Without electricity in the rooms, guests are invited to truly engage with the nature that surrounds them on rafting trips, canopy tours, and hikes. After exploring the rain forest’s bounty, indulge in its restorative powers at the spa, which incorporates local, natural components in all its treatments.

Things to Do

Activity inclusions vary by rate type and package. Please inquire with the lodge when requesting your reservation.


Go on guided hikes through the rain forest, discovering waterfalls and wildlife peeking out from behind the towering trees.


Arrive at the lodge as part of a rafting adventure if you wish, enjoying the rich tropical scenery as guides help navigate the rapids.

Sustainability Tour

Take a behind-the scenes tour of the Pacuare facilities to learn about how the lodge minimizes its environmental footprint while supporting the conservation of wildlife and nearby communities. Visit the hydroelectric micro-central turbine, see the recycling program in action, and walk the onsite Jaguar Hall to learn about the endangered feline.

Ancient Trails and Hidden Waterfall Hike

Tackle a steep hike through the jungle to reach a nearby mule trail, one of the main routes used by the Cabécar Indians for long-distance travel. Venture deep into the Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve to a hidden waterfall, where you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch. Continue along the mule trail to a remote Cabécar community and explore their traditional village before returning to the lodge.

Bajo Del Tigre and Nairi Wari Reserve Hike

Hike to two communities near Pacuare lodge: Bajo Del Tigre, a typical Costa Rican village home to many of the lodge staff members, and a small Cabécar Indian community in the Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve. Cross the Pacuare River via gondola and walk through patches of secondary rain forest, past the streams and farms of Bajo Del Tigre. Continue through the jungle to the Cabécar village, where you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch and visit the primary school before returning to the lodge.

White-water Rafting Day Trip

Get an adrenaline rush from the rapids during a six-hour river-rafting experience through canyons, past waterfalls, and alongside wildlife. Equipment, river guide, picnic lunch, and transfer back to Pacuare Lodge are included.

Canopy Adventure Tour

See the jungle the way the birds do: from above! This tour is a combination of zip-lining and rappelling that achieves dramatic views of nearby mountains and luxuriant forest as well as close-up glimpses of exotic birds. Guide and equipment are included.

“Just as the birds that abound at Pacuare Lodge make their nests high in the trees, we’ve built our own nest: a platform 60 feet high in a treetop, where guests can enjoy a meal in a uniquely splendid setting.” — Roberto Fernandez (Owner and General Manager of Pacuare Lodge)

Pacuare River Inflatable Duckies Tour

Take a nine-mile trip down the Pacuare River in an inflatable kayak. Paddle your way through class-II rapids and observe the passing flora and fauna.

Pacuare Lodge Tropical Canyon Tour

A combination of hiking, climbing, and rappelling, canyoneering is a multifaceted adventure. Explore the El Tesorito Creek Canyon by foot at first, then by climbing and rappelling down a 90-foot rock wall. Training is included.

Daybreak Activity Tour

Begin the morning curled up with a cup of coffee. Next, ease into the day with stretching and relaxation exercises. Then follow a guide to explore the grounds of Pacuare Lodge and discover a wealth of indigenous plant and animal life.

Massage Treatments

Choose from a variety of spa treatments that harness the restorative power of the rain forest by using local, natural products.

Cabécar Indigenous Hike

Take on a challenging hike to visit a remote Cabécar family. During your visit, learn about the lifestyle and history of the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica.

Food and Drink

Pacuare’s kitchen is run by young people from the neighboring communities whose innate cooking talents have been cultivated at the lodge. They tap into their own culinary heritage to create innovative cuisine using organic produce from the lodge’s farm, and the result is a menu full of delicious surprises. Accompany the meal with a fine wine from Pacuare’s cellar, stocked with vintages from around the world. For a unique dining experience, sit down to a candlelit dinner by the riverbank or enjoy a memorable evening in the “nest”—a suspended dining platform 60 feet high in the canopy.

The Spa

The spa is named Jawa Juü, which means “house of the shaman” in the language of the local Cabécar Indians. In their culture, the shaman uses medicinal plants from the jungle to treat patients. Pacuare’s spa follows this example, using the naturally restorative resources of the rain forest to serve its guests. Inside the open-air spa, you can hear the soothing sounds of the river coupled with birdsongs and other wildlife calls. Treatments include a variety of massages, facials, and body wraps.

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