Pacuare Lodge: Photos

Located in Limón Province, Costa Rica

Traveler Moments

Scroll through the photos below to see trip moments captured by Nat Geo staff member, Lindsay Kuczera, and her traveling companion on their recent trip to Pacuare Lodge.

In Costa Rica, "pura vida" is much more than a phrase meaning "pure life" or "take it easy"—it is the expression of eternal optimism. In our thatched roof bungalow, we found the meaning easy to come by.

The adventure begins before you even arrive—the only way to get to and from the lodge is by tackling world-class white-water rapids on the pristine Pacuare River.

The lodge has plenty of places overlooking the river to relax with a cup of Costa Rican coffee in between excursions with a lodge naturalist.

Zip-lining through the jungle canopy proved to be one of the most eye-opening—and most popular—experiences in Costa Rica.

Our villa was lit only by candles—no electricity here! Living by lantern-light was more than just eco-friendly: it made Pacuare our serene refuge from the rest of the world.

Our guide, Luis, and I observed a family of howler monkeys across the river during an early morning wildlife walk. Pacuare Lodge has been instrumental in reintroducing howler monkeys to this wilderness.

We spotted a black-cheeked woodpecker during a sunrise bird-watching excursion.

Whether I needed a quiet place to read or a pre-dinner cocktail, this open-air lounge gave me the comforts of home while still having the wild jungle just an arms-length away.

Photos from Our Lodge and Travelers

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