Lapa Rios Lodge: Plan Your Stay

Located in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

How to Get There

Two domestic airlines offer scheduled, 50-minute flights from San José to the airstrip in Puerto Jiménez. From there, the lodge is a 45-minute drive. Transfers from the airstrip to the lodge are included in the cost of your stay. The drive from San José to Lapa Rios takes about seven hours and passes through gorgeous scenery.

What to Expect

The bungalows at Lapa Rios are situated on a ridge that rises up through the rainforest. Getting from your bungalow to the main lodge requires uphill walking. Lapa Rios is intentionally low tech in order to provide guests with the most authentic rainforest experience possible. There is Wi-fi in only a few spots and no landline phone access on the Lapa Rios property. Cell phones may be used discreetly in your rooms if your carrier provides international coverage, although coverage is unreliable due to the remoteness of the lodge.

Weather and Seasons

Costa Rica has two well-defined seasons: a “dry” season from December to April and a rainy season from May to November. While the months of July and August are typically wet throughout Costa Rica, the Pacific coast tends to receive less rain. The rainiest months on the Osa Peninsula are September and October. The "green season"—from May to November—is probably the best time to experience the rainforest. All outdoor activities are offered, as the rain is warm and quite pleasant. It rains about three to four times per week during this period, usually in the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures hover in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit all year round.

What to Bring

The dress code at Lapa Rios is informal, so pack for comfort and versatility. Being a tropical rainforest, it can get hot and humid. Pack a few extra shirts to change into after hiking. The lodge provides walking sticks, stainless steel water bottles, binoculars, and Wellington-style rubber boots. Please note: all in-country flights have a 25 lb baggage limit per person. Additional luggage can usually be accommodated for an extra charge. If you carry more than 30 pounds, you may be required to leave your luggage in San José until the next flight with space available.

Traveling with Family

With jungles to explore, frogs and monkeys to watch for, and many places to swim and splash, Lapa Rios is a fantastic spot for a family vacation. There are no televisions here, limited Internet, and cell service is unreliable; instead the focus is on the outdoors, the wildlife, and the adventure. Through an array of activities geared for kids, the whole family will learn hands-on about the creatures of the rainforest and the importance of protecting them. The lodge welcomes children age 6 and older, and children age 11 and under stay at the lodge's child rate.

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