Lapa Rios Lodge: About the Destination

Located in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Just eight degrees north of the equator, the Osa Peninsula juts out of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, not far from the border with Panama. Lapa Rios is located on 1,000 acres at the peninsula’s very tip, surrounded by thick tropical forests near three beautiful beaches. The peninsula forms the western shore of the wild Golfo Dulce and the lodge overlooks the confluence of the gulf and the Pacific Ocean.

Wildlife and Natural History

The Osa Peninsula sustains 2.5 percent of the world’s total biodiversity, making it a fantastic location for any wildlife lover. Covering the majority of the landmass is Corcovado National Park, which shelters an extraordinary range of creatures, including 150 butterfly species, 500 bird species, 124 kinds of mammal, and more than 5,000 plant types. Endangered animals like the jaguar roam the wilderness here, and the region is the only place in Costa Rica where four species of monkeys can be found. A visit to the nearby Golfo Dulce may yield unforgettable baby whale sightings as many humpbacks choose the area for calving.

People and Culture

The Ngäbe, or Guayamí, aboriginal community has lived deep in the forests of the Osa Peninsula for hundreds of years. They maintain a traditional lifestyle sustained by subsistence agriculture, fishing, hunting, and gathering. They also create and sell traditional handicrafts like dresses and bags. The Ngäbere language is rich in terms of describing the forest’s biodiversity, a sacred concept in their culture.

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