Lizard Island: About the Destination

Located in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A designated national park, Lizard Island covers 2,500 acres comprising 24 sandy beaches and a lagoon alongside the Great Barrier Reef. It is located about 150 miles north of Cairns, Australia and 17 miles from the coast of North Queensland. The resort is the only thing on the island, offering guests seclusion for exploring the natural wonders both on land and in water. 

Places of Interest

The Great Barrier Reef is in the spotlight here, and the lodge—and its many ways to explore the reef—is an attraction in itself. Along with a gym, a pool, endless beaches, and a wealth of nature-oriented activities, the resort features a boutique, a library, tennis courts, and various exquisite dining options.

Wildlife and Natural History

Soaring above the ocean’s surface are sea birds like white-bellied sea eagles and ospreys, and land-based species such as yellow-bellied sunbirds can be spotted as well. Along the shore in summer months, marine turtles make their appearances for feeding and sometimes nesting. Submerged beneath the water among the picturesque coral, there are fascinating species like stingrays, feather stars, and sea pens, along with dolphins, whales, and around 1,500 species of fish.

People and Culture

The Dingaal Aboriginal people have lived on Lizard Island for tens of thousands of years, even in times of lower sea levels when nearby islands were connected to each other and to the mainland. Traditionally, Lizard Island was a sacred place for them, where important meetings between neighboring clans were held. The Dingaal people have worked with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to help conserve and protect Lizard Island as a national park.  

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