Three Camel Lodge: The Experience

Located in Gobi, Mongolia

From the timeless culture of the nomads to the intriguing fossil finds of the Flaming Cliffs, the Gobi brims with breathtaking landscapes and important sites, and the Three Camel Lodge is excellently situated to discover them. Beyond hiking and sightseeing opportunities, the lodge provides guests with unique adventure experiences, including participating in a fossil excavation project under the guidance of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

Three Camel Lodge and its parent company, Nomadic Expeditions, offer a wealth of tours and activities that explore the surrounding Gobi environment and the entire country. They are the top outfitters in Mongolia and pioneered many of the country’s adventure itineraries and cultural and natural activities for international travelers.

Things to Do

Activity inclusions vary by rate type and package. Please inquire with the lodge when requesting your reservation.

Nomad Culture

Meet the nomads who bring their livestock to the well near the lodge, and visit with their families to experience the daily life in the desert.

Ancient Petroglyphs

Take a short walk to see ancient petroglyphs depicting Argali sheep, ibex, and antelope.

Wildlife Walks

Look for a variety of desert creatures such as hares, hedgehogs, and many species of resident and migratory birds.


Explore the foothills and canyons of the Gobi-Altai Mountains.

Wildlife Excursions

Join guides to look for Argali sheep, ibex, gazelles, foxes, wolves, eagles and other birds, and the extraordinary plant life of the Gobi.

Overnight camping

Pitch a tent in the Gobi wilderness and enjoy time to explore. Camping excursions are fully supported and catered by the Three Camel Lodge.

Four-wheel Drive Excursions

Drive to remote canyons, dunes, and valleys and witness the enchanting diversity of the Gobi.


Search for and excavate dinosaur fossils at the legendary Flaming Cliffs with the guidance of a paleontologist from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

Mountain Biking in the Gobi

Hop on a mountain bike to explore the rugged terrain of Bulagtai, the volcanic outcrop located just behind the lodge. Bike rentals include a helmet and are located at the lodge reception area.

Horse Treks and Camel Treks

Go camel trekking through sand dunes and saxaul forests on the lookout for black- and white-tailed gazelles, ride a horse to a mountain spring, or hop in the camel cart for a ride around Bulagtai outcrop. Customized horse or camel outings can be arranged at reception.

Organic Gobi Dairy Production

During the summer, homemade organic dairy products are the mainstay of the local diet. Take a cultural journey to a family’s ger and learn how the people of the Gobi make products such as aarul (dried curds), tarag (yogurt), byslak (cheese), and airag (fermented mare’s milk). Tasting is available, and transportation is included.

Musical Performances

Enjoy breathtaking musical performances by members of our staff trained in höomi (throat singing), morin huur (the horse-headed fiddle), and other traditional Mongolian arts. Please see the lodge manager for the next scheduled performance.


Experience the excitement of Naadam, the annual sporting festival that has been held in Mongolia since before the days of Genghis Khan. At a local celebration in Bulgan, watch the exciting contests of the “three manly sports”—wrestling, archery, and horseracing—that traditionally measured the courage, strength, and pride of nomads and warriors. Naadam occurs every year in midsummer. Or participate in the Golden Eagle Festival, founded by the owner of Three Camel Lodge to celebrate falconry traditions and is now a major national event.

Food and Drink

Set within a spacious and stunning ger topped with a cupola, the Bulagtai Restaurant serves a range of regional dishes and traditional specialties using locally grown, organic vegetables and herbs; dairy products from nomadic families in the area; and organic meat from Mongolia’s free-range livestock herds. The Thirsty Camel Bar is part of the Dino House and offers a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, and soft drinks.

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