Three Camel Lodge: Plan Your Stay

Located in Gobi, Mongolia

How to Get There

Getting to the Three Camel Lodge usually first requires a 1.5-hour flight from Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, to Dalanzadgad on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Once there, you will drive another 70 km (1.5 hours) by Land Cruiser or similar 4x4, off-road, to reach the lodge—truly an off-the-beaten-path adventure!

What to Expect

In order to visit the Three Camel Lodge, you must be in moderate physical condition with no substantial ailments. It does take a mild amount of effort to reach the lodge and to enjoy the many outdoor activities that make its location exclusive. There is no internet or cell phone reception available to travelers so it’s important to inform contacts of the limited accessibility before your departure. Accommodations follow the simple style of the Mongolian nomads, with a few exceptions: Deluxe Gers have an ensuite toilet, sink, and shower, as do Family Gersthough all gers do have en suite bathrooms.

Medical facilities are available in Mongolia; however, since standards and methods of treatments differ from those in the West, the prospect of illness or hospitalization while traveling should not be taken lightly. Consider purchasing travel insurance if you intend to visit Mongolia, and if you have a serious medical problem or a medical condition that might be adversely affected by travel, please contact the lodge for more detailed information.

Weather and Seasons

Mongolia has a relatively cool climate with short, mild summers and long, severe winters lasting from October to April. Because the weather in Mongolia is highly unpredictable, we recommend that you check weather conditions in Mongolia as you pack for your trip.

What to Bring

Suggested Packing List

Duffel bags, rather than suitcases, are preferable for domestic flights within Mongolia. Dressing in layers is always recommended, as the Gobi Desert can become cold, even in the summer. As most of the activities include outdoor adventures, comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots are ideal. Bandannas are handy for protecting the face from dust and sand.

Traveling with Family

Three Camel Lodge welcomes children 8 years and older. Family Gers accommodating two adults and two children are available and an extra bed may also be added.

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