Three Camel Lodge: Packages & Accommodations

Located in Gobi, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge offers three diverse packages that cater to its unique guests. Each package features both natural wonders and cultural experiences, but specific activities range from hikes among indigenous mountain sheep to visits with nomadic families to cooking classes and more.

Each of the lodge’s 40 authentic gers are complemented with modern comforts, so guests can enjoy the sense of residing in a traditional Mongolian nomadic herders encampment with the additional amenities that an international traveler would expect. Made of a round, latticed wooden frame covered with layers of felt and canvas, the gers are heated by a wood stove and furnished with beautifully hand-painted furniture, local artwork, and plush camel-hair blankets.

Packages Available


Discover a variety of indigenous wildlife and check out a local natural history museum in Yol Valley National Park. On the second day, visit a local nomadic herding family and the glowing orange rock formation known as the Flaming Cliffs. After watching the sun set here, spend a final night in the lodge.


Explore Gobi’s semi-arid desert and the historic Bulgan Temple. On the second day, visit Yol Valley National Park and meet a nomadic family. On the third day, learn how to make Mongolian dumplings, travel to the legendary Flaming Cliffs, and rest for a final night in the lodge.


Traverse Gobi’s semi-arid desert and Havsgait Valley, where ancient Gobi settlers left rock drawings. On the second day, take in spectacular desert views from Gegeet Valley and hike the towering dunes of Hongoryn Els. Spend more time at the dunes on the third day before viewing the stars through a Galileo telescope. On day four, visit to the Yol Valley National Park and the Flaming Cliffs before your final night at the lodge.


  • Deluxe Gers

    Deluxe Gers let you get back to nature while indulging in luxury. They include a king-size bed or two double beds with Mongolian camel-hair blankets, fine fresh linens, an en suite full bathroom with complimentary toiletries, skylight, wood-burning stove, and round-the-clock solar-powered light as well as complimentary tea.

  • Genghis Khan Ger

    Similar to a suite, this spacious ger with separate bedroom, bathroom, and relaxation space, is intended for those travelers seeking a bit more space.

  • Kubilai Khan Ger

    This is the largest accommodation and features two bedrooms linked by a bathroom. It is particularly well-suited to families.

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