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Shinta Mani Wild is set within an 865-acre private conservancy in southwestern Cambodia, along a wildlife migration corridor that runs in between three national parks: Bokor, Kirirom, and Southern Cardamom. This part of the country is among the most remote and inaccessible, with dense rainforests covering large swaths of the land and the Cardamom and Elephant mountain ranges separating Phnom Penh from the palmy coasts along the Gulf of Thailand. The Eden-like jungles surrounding the lodge are crisscrossed by wild rivers and waterfalls and harbor prowling leopard cats, elephant herds, and a rainbow of birds, butterflies, and orchids.

Wildlife and Natural History

The lodge sits at the crossroads of three national parks, each with diverse landscapes and wildlife habitats. In Bokor, jungle-shrouded mountains tumble to the Gulf of Thailand, harboring fascinating creatures, from hornbills and gibbons to civets and sun bears. Kirirom, which sits further inland, is splashed with serene lakes and rivers that attract myriad bird species, including dazzlers like the scarlet minivet, ashy drongo, and velvet-fronted nuthatch. The rugged forests and mountains of Southern Cardamom National Park hold a range of rare and reclusive creatures, including elephants, clouded leopards, and Siamese crocodiles.

People and Culture

Cambodia once sat at the heart of the powerful Khmer empire, which reigned from the early 9th century through the 15th century and gave the modern world one of its most iconic cultural wonders: the stone temples of Angkor. Following the decline of the empire, Cambodia was ruled by the French, and remnants of this colonial period are still visible throughout the country, with abandoned hill stations crowning jungle-draped mountaintops and elegant architecture dotting the cityscapes. In the late 20th century, Cambodia suffered a reign of terror at the hands of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Today, new energy infuses the country and its economy, and residents find themselves on a path toward a vibrant recovery.

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