Mara Plains Camp: Plan Your Stay

Located in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Kenya

How to Get There

Mara Plains Camp is primarily accessed by scheduled flights or private charters. Your safari experience begins upon arrival at the Olare Orok airstrip with a half-hour game drive on the way to the lodge. Both Safarilink and Airkenya Express offer daily flights from Nairobi’s domestic Wilson Airport to the Olare Orok airstrip. The camp is also accessible by scheduled flights and private charter to the Ol Kiombo airstrip. Flying time from Nairobi generally takes about an hour, depending on weather conditions and the specific aircraft.

What to Expect

As the camp is unfenced, wildlife sometimes outnumbers the guests. You might occasionally find a monkey or a bird on your deck or hear one scampering on the roof of your tent, but these smaller animals are harmless. Larger animals do pass through as well, and Maasai warriors are on hand to escort guests to their tents after dark.

While human infections rarely occur around Mara Plains Camp, malaria is endemic in other parts of Kenya, and travelers should consult a doctor to determine if an anti-malarial medication is necessary for their particular itinerary. Guests are advised to secure insurance that includes medical evacuations as the closest modern hospital is in Nairobi. Most international visitors to Kenya require a visa, which can be secured at the Kenyan embassy in your country or purchased upon arrival at the airport in Nairobi.

Weather and Seasons

Mara Plains Camp is located at an altitude of 5,500 feet, at a latitude of several degrees south of the Equator, and temperatures are consistently mild throughout the year. While the rainy seasons are technically in April and May as well as November, the area in and around Masai Mara actually sees rainfall about 270 days a year. Nevertheless, the region is often dry and dusty during the high seasons, from July to October and from mid-December to March.

What to Bring

Dress is casual at Mara Plains Camp. Layering your clothing is essential, as the savanna is substantially cooler during early morning and evening game drives. Pack for comfort, and for your interests: if you’re an avid photographer, you may want to bring a safari vest to carry your lenses and other equipment in various pockets. If you plan to go on bush walks, consider packing lightweight hiking boots. Neutral clothing colors are recommended.

Traveling with Family

Children ages eight and older are welcome at Mara Plains Camp, and there is a whole roster of fun activities designed specifically for them, from art projects to tracking wildlife to cooking lessons. Kids can join the Maasai guards at the camp to learn how to make traditional Maasai spears or bows and arrows, or they can learn how to identify animal calls with camp guides. Kids ages 12 and older can also participate in bush walks and hikes.

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