Duba Plains Camp: About

Located in DUBA PLAINS RESERVE, Botswana

Each March in northern Botswana’s Okavango Delta, an abundance of fresh water transforms a vast stretch of golden desert into a vivid oasis of blue and green. Deep in this astonishing ecosystem stand the tented suites of Duba Plains Camp, tucked under the shade of ancient ebony trees, far from the nearest human habitation. Here, at the heart of the Delta, a vibrant abundance of wildlife gathers throughout the year, in numbers unlike anywhere else on the continent. On walks in the bush, boat rides through the wetlands, and wildlife drives in open vehicles, witness the wild exuberance of a land transformed by an annual inundation; and after each adventure-filled day, experience the delta’s power of renewal in your own spirit as you watch elephants splash past the library, and listen to lions roar at the stars.


  • During the high-water season, take a tranquil boat ride on the waterways of the Okavango Delta, spotting wallowing hippos and giraffes dipping their heads for a drink.
  • Set out on an open-vehicle safari drive with an expert tracker to seek out water buffalo and wildebeest, and the leopards and lions prowling in their footsteps.
  • Borrow a pair of Swarovski binoculars or a state-of-the-art Canon camera and capture exquisite photographs of the delta’s rare species and spectacular landscapes.
  • Gather around a campfire to share tales of the day’s adventures, enjoying views of the sunset from open wooden decks perched above the floodplain.
  • Linger in your own private plunge pool or elegant 1920s-inspired lounge while watching elephants lumber past the lodge.

Why We Love This Lodge

Amid the watery maze of Duba Plains, animals of all kinds exhibit unique behaviors made possible by the annual floods. The lions of the Tsaro Pride have captured imaginations across the globe with one unusual skill: swimming. Unlike most cats big and small, these Botswanan lions have conquered their aversion to water and learned to hunt among the delta’s streams. The celebrity of the Tsaro Pride, and their continued protection, is the work of National Geographic Explorers-at-Large Beverly and Dereck Joubert.

During decades as wildlife filmmakers and conservationists, the Jouberts have brought to life the drama of the Okavango Delta for avid audiences around the world. They are also the founders of Great Plains Conservation, an organization devoted to supporting sustainable eco-tourism. Duba Plains Camp has served as a base for the Jouberts since they first set out to tell the story of the Okavango’s incredible inhabitants. Now, this escape in the heart of the delta is yours to call home on an unforgettable safari in Africa’s Garden of Eden.

Lodge Features

  • Five luxury canvas tents and one two-bedroom suite on raised platforms, each with a private veranda with plunge pool
  • Central lounge deck shaded by giant ebony trees
  • Outdoor campfire
  • Stunning indoor and outdoor dining areas and interactive kitchen
  • Wine cellar with an extensive selection of fine wines
  • Library stocked with books on Okavango ecology
  • In-room massage services

National Geographic Exclusive

Each of our lodges has created a special complimentary experience offered exclusively to guests who visit through a National Geographic expedition. At Duba Plains Camp, guests can join the lodge chef in the interactive kitchen for a cooking demonstration, or sit down to a private dinner in the on-site wine cellar. National Geographic visitors will also take a back-of-house tour to see firsthand the lodge’s extensive commitment to sustainability, and will enjoy free access to a Joubert film featuring Duba Plains Reserve as part of their pre-departure materials.

Awards and Recognitions

  • World Travel Awards, Botswana’s Leading Tented Safari Camp, Nomination, 2019
  • US Town & Country, Best Hotels of the World Top 100, 2018
  • Tatler Magazine, World’s Best Safari Hotels, 2018
  • Condé Nast, Our Favorite Hotels of the World: Gold List, 2018

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