Best of Our Lodges

Some people find peace in the mountains, some seek out the sea, and some will go anywhere as long as the whole family is happy. We’ve curated our lodges by their themes and highlighted their particular strengths to help you decide which lodge is right for your next vacation.

Best Diving and Snorkeling Destinations

These stunning island lodges offer you the opportunity to escape to the sea and embrace your true element. From diving amid stingrays at the Great Barrier Reef and swimming with sea turtles in the Galápagos to exploring World War II relics in the waters of Vanuatu, enchanting undersea worlds are yours to explore.

Best Lodges to Visit in the Spring

Spring for the northern half of the planet means wildflowers and newborns, fresh air and sun after the cold spell. Elsewhere it means something entirely different: the end of the rains, the cool-down after the summer, or just another great time of year to go snorkeling. From unique spring break destinations to safaris and jungle treks, take a look at what spring looks like at some of our lodges.

Secrets of the Seasons

The beauty of the off-season is that places that are well-trodden at their peak get to show a different, sometimes more authentic side of themselves once the crowds have gone. If you’re willing to pack a rain jacket or some extra layers, the rewards of traveling to our lodges in the low season can be great. Not only are there fewer crowds and often cheaper prices, you are privy to an intimate side of the destination that’s harder to find when you travel during high season. Here are some of the secrets of the seasons from staff at our lodges.

Legendary Places

Dream of watching the sun rise over the Great Barrier Reef? Or falling asleep under the stars of the Serengeti? Plenty of our National Geographic Unique Lodges are located in or near the planet’s most amazing places, making it easy to tackle your bucket list. At these lodges, the hospitality is as epic as the surroundings.

Best Lodges to Visit in the Summer

Our lodges are putting a new spin on summer vacation, offering incredible experiences that go beyond your typical beach or camping trip. Whether you want to practice falconry in the Irish countryside or go below the equator to see South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom in bloom, the properties in our collection will have you celebrating summer in some of the most unique ways possible.

Best Natural Light Shows

At our lodges, you can witness some of nature’s most astounding displays of light, from epic sunsets and twinkling constellations to the dazzling aurora borealis.

Best Places to Witness a Wildlife Migration

Every year, millions of animals set out on an epic journey their species has made for millennia, migrating across vast distances in search of water, fairer climes, or the best conditions to give birth. Great migrations are one of the most incredible spectacles in the world—and a number of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World have ringside seats.

Best Lodges to Visit in the Fall

Call it autumn or fall, the wet season or even, in the southern hemisphere, spring: nature puts on quite a show during the last few months of the year. From turtles hatching on the beaches of Dominica to elephants parading through the property in Zambia, our lodges are witness to the spectacle all over the globe.

Best Lodges to Visit in the Winter

Shake off the urge to hibernate when the weather gets cold: our lodges offer up a variety of ways to celebrate winter—or escape it. Whether you’re looking to tackle a physical challenge in the mountains of Patagonia, forget cold temperatures on the beaches of French Polynesia, or embrace the season by driving a dogsled in Alaska, these properties will have you eagerly anticipating the season’s first frost.

Best Culinary Experiences

Imagine yourself sipping mint tea with Berber hosts high in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains or learning how to cook bush tucker with a chef in the Australian outback. Foodies in search of the authentic—and the scrumptious—will find exceptional culinary experiences at each of the Unique Lodges in our collection.

Best Places for Honeymooners and Romantics

Forget the heart-shaped bathtubs and towel swans: how about a romantic getaway in a secluded tree house in Tanzania? Couples in search of a place to retreat will find the dreamy, the exhilarating, and the downright inspirational at the hotels in our National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection.

Best Places to Get Immersed in Another Culture

Experience Berber hospitality in the mountains of Morocco, spend time with Mongolia’s nomad families in their gers in Gobi, or learn to bake partridgeberry pie with a family in Newfoundland. A sense of place is a key element of all of our lodges, but the following lodges are deeply infused with the culture of the region—and offer plenty of opportunities to get to know the local community.

Best Coastal Destinations

And by coast, we mean all kinds: from the white-sand beaches of French Polynesia to the granite shores of Canada’s Maritimes. For those who love to be on the water—whether snorkeling, paddleboarding, fishing, whale watching, or beachcombing—these lodges are set in spectacular seaside locations and offer a slew of ways to get on or in the water.

Best Places to Get Face-to-Face with Wildlife

Whether you're looking to go birding on a rain forest trek, observe elephants on safari, or kayak alongside dolphins, these lodges offer a range of naturalist-led excursions that will find you face-to-face with wildlife.

Best Family Getaways

Two key ingredients of an unforgettable family vacation: a comfortable space you get settled into and call your own and a host of fun activities to choose from, like watching monkeys outside your room in Costa Rica's rain forest or horseback riding through the magical landscapes of South Africa's Western Cape coast. These lodges make a special effort to engage travelers of all ages, with hands-on activities, meals, and excursions designed especially for families with kids.

Best Mountain Retreats

From a serene Himalaya haven in Bhutan to a cozy bed and breakfast ringed by the Rockies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, these lodges are your gateway to some of the most magnificent mountain scenery in the world. Each lodge offers a variety of ways to explore the surrounding peaks: hiking and walking on a range of trails, mountain biking, excursions by 4x4, skiing, and even heli-hiking. Check out the best spots to retreat into the mountains.