About the Lodges Program

National Geographic Lodges, the newest program from the National Geographic Travel group, brings together and showcases sustainable hotels and lodges around the world that are innovators in providing enriching and authentic guest experiences and inspiring travelers to engage with a destination.

National Geographic Properties

As one of the world's largest on-profit scientific and aducational organizations with a global footprint and an established following within the travel community, National Geographic is in a unique position to draw together and promote exceptional properties that share values that are integral to the Society's culture and purpose: authenticity, sustainability, enrichment, and excellence.

Each property in our network is carefully selected for its adherence to those four key attributes. Upon joining National Geographic Lodges, properties benefit from the far reach of our publications and programming and an affiliation with our globally recognized and value brand. They are introduced to National Geographic's vast audience through features in print and online, newsletters and social media; and connected to our experts and projects in the field for member property programming and events.

A Collaborative, Creative Community

Beyond outreach and engagement with travelers, National Geographic Lodges also provides a collaborative, creative community where trailblazers in the sustainable hotel space can share ideas and best practices towards the common goal of creating the most extraordinary, authentic, sustainable, and inspiring travel experiences for guests.