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Located in Colima, Mexico

Take in the views of volcanos and more from the comfort of your suite at Hacienda de San Antonio

Have a pre-dinner cocktail in the lounge area

Enjoy delicious farm-to-table meals in the dining room

Walk through the gardens of the Hacienda

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In the highlands of Colima, Mexico, where lush meadows unfurl and conical volcanoes pierce the sky, there lies a stunning piece of the 19th century.  The Hacienda de San Antonio is a figment of coral-colored arches and blooming formal gardens, French balconies and tranquil fountains—at once an exquisite vestige of colonial architecture and a celebration of Mexico’s vibrant artistic heritage.  Built in the late 1800s by a German businessman, the Hacienda once presided over a coffee plantation whose beans were brewed by the German imperial family. Nearly a hundred years later, another European businessman, the famous financier Sir James Goldsmith, purchased the property and fully restored it. Today, the lodge is run by his family and remains a living, working hacienda, producing cheeses, meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and coffee.

Set upon nearly 5,000 acres, including its adjacent ranch El Jabalí, the Hacienda beckons you into its countryside to hike to waterfalls or ride horseback to the lakeside for a picnic. With so much space, you might rarely run into other guests here, and yet the Hacienda is imbued with the intimacy and soul of a family home, from the antiques and Mexican handicrafts that thoughtfully decorate the interior to the secluded courtyards and garden nooks. Adding drama to this whole magnificent scene is the great, smoking peak of Volcán de Fuego that punctuates the backdrop.

Why We Love This Lodge

The Hacienda de San Antonio is a symphony for the senses. You feel it immediately upon walking into its arcaded courtyards, where graceful fountains splash musically among lush flowers and glittering lanterns dot the gardens. Within the lodge, vaulted ceilings; beautiful stonework and tiles; and large, light-filled windows come together to make each space breathtaking. 

But beyond the extraordinary architecture, there is a harmony in the systems upon which it runs as well. Gravity tilts freshwater from a nearby spring into a 100-year-old aqueduct that delivers it to the lodge. The organic farm and gardens exist symbiotically with the Hacienda, providing fresh ingredients for delectable meals, and being nourished in turn by compost from the restaurant. Gardens and suites are designed to capture daylight and the highland breezes, and man-made streams ripple around the property to keep critters at bay. Modern innovations are woven with timeless elements of hacienda life, and the effect is downright magical.


  • Sleep under vaulted ceilings surrounded by beautiful Mexican ceramics and textiles.
  • Stroll past arcing fountains and gardens bright with blooms in the lodge’s courtyards.
  • Go horseback riding through bamboo forests to nearby lakes and waterfalls, and enjoy a catered picnic in the countryside along the way.
  • Explore the organic coffee plantation with a guide, and tour the organic cheese-making facility.
  • Cap off your day with a dip in the heated pool and a fantastic meal in the gardens or in the elegant dining room.

National Geographic Exclusive

Guests who reserve space through National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World are invited to join a naturalist guide for the Mirador Climb, a hike to the top of the small mountain that faces the lodge. Examine the changing flora and fauna as you follow the trail through thick forests to the clearing at the summit, and take in extraordinary views of the lodge and the nearby volcanoes.

Lodge Features

  • 22 suites and 3 grand suites with terraces or balconies looking out on the gardens or the volcano
  • Dining room with vaulted ceilings where an excellent blend of Mexican and international cuisine is served
  • Secluded dining areas and picnic spots throughout the property
  • Elegant common areas, including a wood-beamed library, the Mirador Room, and the Yellow Bar
  • Large, heated outdoor swimming pool
  • Lighted tennis courts, with rackets and balls provided upon request
  • Mountain bikes available for guest use
  • Free Wi-fi in rooms and common spaces

Spotlight on Sustainability

To minimize its impact on the environment, the Hacienda de San Antonio relies on technologies both new and ancient. They tap solar power to heat water, but maximize sunlight and candlelight, and count on the natural ventilation of high ceilings, cool tiles, and large windows. They eschew plastic and non-biodegradable products, and employ reusable containers for everything from harvesting at the farm to bottling the fine soaps you’ll find in your bathroom. An ongoing reforestation project sees hundreds of trees planted on the property each year, and the lodge offers classes in biodynamic farming to local farmers.

The Hacienda is the largest employer in the area, and more than half of its employees come from within a few miles. The lodge makes a conscious effort to support local businesses, choosing small merchants over large chains, featuring the work of local artisans, and buying linens and uniforms from nearby cooperatives. They contribute to the maintenance and development of the area’s infrastructure, including roads and schools, and facilitate transportation of their staff with their own bus.  

Awards and Recognitions

  • Condé Nast Gold List 2015 & 2016

A Note About Travel to Mexico

Please note: A State Department travel warning for Mexico is currently in effect ( click here to view the State Department's information page on Mexico). We closely monitor events in the region, and will alert booked guests to any significant developments.

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