The Experience

Imagine staying at a hotel where checking in means opening the doors to a world of new experiences—where you can be sure of comfort and top amenities but also expect to be enriched and inspired. You are, at once, immersed in an unforgettable place, and your lodge hosts invite you to discover its secrets in the way that suits you best.

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World themselves offer much to explore and appreciate: stunning architecture and design, incredible views, innovative sustainability practices, excellent cuisine, comfortable common spaces that fit the destination, and gorgeous grounds. But then they go further, offering you a wide array of activities to help you engage with their unique surroundings—whether it’s snorkeling or cooking classes, horseback riding or guided nature walks. As a National Geographic guest, you’re also treated to an exclusive, complimentary opportunity to delve even deeper into the local culture and environment.

Your unforgettable experience starts here. National Geographic offers a number of ways to stay at these lodges, and you can reserve any of them on this website. Set out with the traveling companions of your choice on a private expedition, design a custom trip, join a group trip with National Geographic Expeditions, or simply reserve your space. No matter which way you choose, our reservations specialists will assist you with all the logistics, ensuring that your experience—from reservation to checkout—is exceptional.

Start Exploring

When you reserve your space through National Geographic Unique Lodges, you’ll be treated to an exclusive experience designed specially for our guests—a one-on-one nature walk with a resident scientist, for instance, or a private architecture tour. 

One fantastic way to stay at a National Geographic Unique Lodge: set out on one of our Private Expeditions—unique itineraries designed to bring independent travelers to extraordinary places all over the world. 

Some people find peace in the mountains, some seek out the sea, and some will go anywhere as long as the whole family is happy.  We’ve curated our lodges by their themes and highlighted their particular strengths to help you decide which lodge is right for your next vacation.