About Us

When we set out to identify properties for the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection, we sought hotels that embody the values National Geographic and our travelers hold close. We looked for places where the guiding principles are an innovative approach to sustainability and a strong commitment to protecting natural and cultural heritage, and where guests are treated to a rich array of meaningful experiences.

In order to join the Unique Lodges network, every lodge was thoroughly vetted for its commitment to sustainable tourism, authenticity, and excellence in service. Our lodge experts spent time at each site, evaluated operations, and met with everyone from the general manager to the kitchen staff, ensuring that our high standards were met.

Through our website, you can independently peruse our whole collection and reserve your space at the lodge of your choice. Or we can help you get there: you can travel with companions of your choice on a Private Expedition, visit our lodges on a National Geographic Expedition, or we can customize a trip for you based on your own interests.

"When travel is done the right way—the sustainable way—then future generations will be able to enjoy the very things we ourselves love to see around the world, and that is a core part of what the Unique Lodges of the World Collection is all about." — Costas Christ, Global Sustainable Tourism Expert and Editor at Large, National Geographic Traveler

This growing collection represents tourism as it should be. Our lodges offer a rare kind of experience where protecting the planet’s treasures is an integral and inspirational component of top-notch service and accommodations. They are destinations in their own right—and they set the standard for authentic and responsible travel.