National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World is more than a selection of world-class hotels, it is a collection of rare experiences, offering guests intimate encounters with parts of the world not many get to know—and the chance to slow down and truly discover them. Each lodge is deeply rooted in its community and dedicated to protecting the surrounding habitats and cultures—and harnessing their magic to safeguard them for the future. Start exploring our Lodges now.

Each of our lodges has created a special complimentary experience—a private snorkeling excursion with an expert diver, for example, or an intimate meal in an enchanting setting—that’s offered only to guests who book through National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.

Some people find peace in the mountains, some seek out the sea, and some will go anywhere as long as the whole family is happy. Whether you're a foodie or a newlywed—or both, take a look at the best of our lodges and find the one that’s right for you.

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A Closer Look at Our Collection

Blanketed in lush rain forest and surrounded by marine sanctuaries, tiny Lord Howe Island is a nature-lover’s playground. Go diving or birding, climb a mountain, or simply stretch out for a nap on an unbelievable beach. There’s no risk of dull moments here.

From a serene Himalaya haven in Bhutan to a cozy bed and breakfast ringed by the Rockies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, these lodges are your gateway to some of the most magnificent mountain scenery in the world. Each lodge offers a variety of ways to explore the surrounding peaks: hiking and walking on a range of trails, mountain biking, excursions by 4x4, skiing, and even heli-hiking. Check out the best spots to retreat into the mountains.

Great ideas are happening on a remote Tahitian atoll. Follow a honeymooning couple as they discover strawberry hermit crabs, honey that tastes like the tropics, and air-conditioning fueled by coconut oil and sea water.